Former Peck home on Lac La Belle in Oconomowoc
The Fowler Lake Walk - a tour of Historical Homes, Lac La Belle & Fowler
Former Peck Home in
(c) 2010 RAS productions
A stroll along the tree-lined streets of Oconomowoc seems like a trip back to the turn of the century. Many old, restored
mansions and houses of a time past dot the city and add to that special quality of life Oconomowoc enjoys. You'll pass our
beautiful band shell on the lake, the fieldstone train depot, and the recently restored City Hall on your way to our rustic
boardwalk and gazebo - and all within blocks of each other!

A special walk around the perimeter of Fowler Lake is a popular occupation of city residents. You'd be hard-pressed to find
someone who hasn't taken the 45 minute walk (my speed).
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin - We Love to Walk
Start in the parking lot behind City Hall. Wonderful view of
Fowler Lake. Public pier. I like to go counter-clockwise, by The
German Bar to North Main St. This route you get to walk
between Fowler and Lac LaBelle. Look for the home with the
The view from the Main St. bridge
Pine Terrace is now a Bed and Breakfast.

Condos surround it and share lake access.